Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dreaming of Waikiki

A little over 2.5 years ago, my dad decided to move to Hawaii. It was sad to hear that he wouldn't be so close, but being able to visit him in Hawaii is pretty awesome. I only had one chance to visit him when he lived on the North Shore, but at the end of August, the BF, my brother, and I had the chance to visit him in his newer digs in Waikiki.

We spent a full week there and we did lots of stuff. We ran a few times (including a 4 mile run that ended with a jump in the Pacific Ocean, a 12 mile run with a hike of Diamond Head mountain in the middle, and a really sluggish 18 miler for me), stand up paddleboarded a bunch (the BF's new favorite thing), ate loads of yummy food, saw a reggae festival, snorkeled, saw a ton of giant turtles, and even had a few lazy days on the beach. And yes, I finally tried Spam and I hate to admit how delicious it is. Overall, we had a ton of fun and I'll let my photos walk you through our fun.

Dad and brother at the reggae festival
Boyfriend and I enjoying some reggae tunes
I saw a double rainbow. I may have freaked out.
BF and me at the top of Diamond Head mountain.
I call him my baby brother, but he's 6'0'' and not actually a baby. 
Views of the beaches a block from my dad's apartment. 
Acai berry bowl with fruit and macadamia nut granola. To. Die. For. 
Amazing views from our trip up the coast to visit the North Shore. 
We indulged in some fruity beverages. Nom. 
Unflattering photo of me post-18 miler. It was not a great run. 
On our second to last night, we watched the sunset on some rocks in the ocean 
We ate some cream-filled malasadas aka amazing Portuguese donuts, drenched in sugar. 
I was happy to be back to Philly to get back to my normal routine, but I'll miss our awesome times in Waikiki and seeing my dad. Until next time, I'll just dream of Waikiki.


  1. I used to live in Bermuda, and the people there couldn't make a standard doughnut to save their lives. I'm Canadian, so I take my doughnuts seriously! However, there is a large Portuguese population on the island (or 'Portagees' as it's pronounced there), and they do make a fantastic Portuguese-style doughnut.

    I'm glad to see the BOMF 20in24 has been rescheduled. Are you running it this weekend?

    I live in Boulder now, so with the recent weather excitement, all of my fall racing plans are up in the air. Even finding a training run route is difficult as most of the in-town trails are cut off by impromptu streams, and the entire mountain trail system is closed (and heavily damaged). Looks like I'll be doing laps around my (thankfully dry) neighborhood for the foreseeable future!

    1. Yeah, luckily for me, I'm not a frequent donut eater, so I was happy to try their special one. :D

      No 20in24 for me as a few of my teammates and I will be out of town. We were able to defer to 2014, which was a nice option.

      I hope you are okay in Boulder! What are your fall races that you've planned?

  2. I crashed and burned during Dakota Jones' T-Rad 40-miler in Telluride last month, so have been looking for a redemption race (and perhaps one that stays below 13,000 ft altitude + elevation change). The Boulder marathon was a possibility, but it has been postponed. My best bet might be the "24 hours in Boulder" event next month. It's a super-easy course, and the 6-hour "fun run" might be the best way to re-boost my ego.

    The tough part right now is finding a decent training route. I usually run 2 or 3 miles on bike paths to reach the mountains where there is a mosaic of trails that range from moderate difficulty to entry-level rock climbing. As of now however, most bike paths are at least partially flooded, rivers still flow over many of the streets I like to run on, and ALL of the mountain trails are closed for the foreseeable future. Even when they dry out, many are simply gone and will have to be rebuilt.

    Lucky for me, that's about the worst of my complaints (besides my kids' school being partially destroyed). Unlike some I still have a roof, electricity, running water, and we're allowed to flush the toilets. And even with the school thing, we have an opportunity to register the boys in an alternate school for the next few months if need be.

    By the way, nice 16-miler on your daily mile log. Your pace is suspiciously close to a BQ pace...