Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dreaming of Waikiki

A little over 2.5 years ago, my dad decided to move to Hawaii. It was sad to hear that he wouldn't be so close, but being able to visit him in Hawaii is pretty awesome. I only had one chance to visit him when he lived on the North Shore, but at the end of August, the BF, my brother, and I had the chance to visit him in his newer digs in Waikiki.

We spent a full week there and we did lots of stuff. We ran a few times (including a 4 mile run that ended with a jump in the Pacific Ocean, a 12 mile run with a hike of Diamond Head mountain in the middle, and a really sluggish 18 miler for me), stand up paddleboarded a bunch (the BF's new favorite thing), ate loads of yummy food, saw a reggae festival, snorkeled, saw a ton of giant turtles, and even had a few lazy days on the beach. And yes, I finally tried Spam and I hate to admit how delicious it is. Overall, we had a ton of fun and I'll let my photos walk you through our fun.

Dad and brother at the reggae festival
Boyfriend and I enjoying some reggae tunes
I saw a double rainbow. I may have freaked out.
BF and me at the top of Diamond Head mountain.
I call him my baby brother, but he's 6'0'' and not actually a baby. 
Views of the beaches a block from my dad's apartment. 
Acai berry bowl with fruit and macadamia nut granola. To. Die. For. 
Amazing views from our trip up the coast to visit the North Shore. 
We indulged in some fruity beverages. Nom. 
Unflattering photo of me post-18 miler. It was not a great run. 
On our second to last night, we watched the sunset on some rocks in the ocean 
We ate some cream-filled malasadas aka amazing Portuguese donuts, drenched in sugar. 
I was happy to be back to Philly to get back to my normal routine, but I'll miss our awesome times in Waikiki and seeing my dad. Until next time, I'll just dream of Waikiki.