Monday, April 22, 2013

Life Recently

I have a handful of half-written blog posts, but just haven't finished them up. I'll get to that, but right now, I figured I'd update with what I've been up to.

C&O Canal, where I will be running 100 miles this weekend
  • The awful stuff in Boston obviously shook me to my core. I had a ton of friends up there racing and it was so frightening trying to track them all down. I feel more fired up to continue running, but it just shows you how fragile life can be. I can tell you that they messed with the wrong group because runners, especially marathoners, are not people to be trifled with. 
  • I'm officially in taper mode for 100 miler. I was hoping to go finish my hard training with a bang, but a chest cold/nasal infection decided that wasn't the real plan. I took a handful of days off and missed my last long run. Can't say it has been easy getting into tapering after missing a major long run, but I think I'll be okay. A girl can hope, at least. With just a few days until the race, I'm pretty much sick to my stomach with nervers constantly. I am getting so pumped to run with my pacers and tackle the 100 mile distance for a second time, but jeeze, 100 miles is long and painful!
  • I'm now writing for! I love writing (I know, shocking to hear since this blog hardly is updated) and I am really excited to join the team to write about ultrarunning. My first article recently went live, for those interested (I interviewed the RD of my upcoming 100 miler): Read me!
  • I attended the latest Philly Food Swap a few weeks ago. I brought sriracha caramel corn and chocolate macarons with bourbon filling. I always get so nervous that my food won't be what people enjoy, but people really responded positively to my food. The swaps always end up being so awesome and inspiring. 
  • John and I ran with the Shake Shack Track & Field club on a few weeks ago and it ruled. We showed up, got free t-shirts, ran with some cool people, then drank beer and ate custard, fries, and burgers. Maybe not the healthiest of events, but we ran, so it's almost even. 
My next update should my my 100 mile race report. Fingers crossed (hell, I'm crossing anything I can!) that I have the fun, inspiring, tough, and enjoyable race that I hope for!


  1. Good luck with your 100 mile race!

  2. Nice to see you haven't given up on your blog! The C&O Canal 100 sounds like a cool race. I moved from the Philly burbs to Boulder last fall, so it might be a bit too long of a drive for me to attend though... Looking forward to a race report.

    I ran Boston a couple of times, and despite (or maybe because of) what happened last week, you ought to consider running it at least once. Boston embraces the marathon like no other town I've ever been to. The people there are amazing and take great pride in cheering on runners, even after the race! They are a tough lot, and I bet anything they will double-down on their love and support for the race when it's held in 2014.

    Congrats on the new writing gig!

    1. Thank you so much! My goal for this year is to BQ, so the events have given me even more incentive to work towards that. I know that even if I do qualify, I won't be there until 2015, but it's still my goal.