Monday, December 17, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Well hello there! With lots of new things happening, I haven't updated like I should have. That always happens, but I really would like to focus on posting more often. I enjoy looking back at what I've done and I enjoy having an outlet to write. So what's new with me?

  • I started a new job! I realized that I wanted to work in social media, so I'm working for an agency in Philly working on their social media team. It wasn't an easy decision, but I had to take the chance. I also live within walking distance of the office, which has been amazing! I've gotten in much longer morning runs when I don't have to take the train to the suburbs to work. 
  • I am switching which 100 miler I am going to run next spring. With my new job, I am going to avoid traveling due to costs, so I dropped the Umstead 100 miler. I'm sad as it was going to be a tough challenge for me, but I'm signed up now for the C&O Canal 100 miler instead! It's in MD, so I can stay with my mom and drive to the race, as opposed to flying, getting a hotel, and renting a car. I have another running friend doing this race, too, so I am getting really excited about it!
  • With the 100 miler is now only about 19 weeks away, I have set up a training schedule for myself. As I have more time in the morning, I will be able to get in longer runs mid-week. I also am going to try to do back-to-back long runs on the weekends. I did it a bit training for my first ultras, but chickened out for the last few. I know it won't be easy, or fun, honestly, but I think it will help me with my 100!
  • I'm working on bringing in other forms of fitness to my routine. I have a 10 punch card for a yoga studio in Center City that I need to use, so I've been going to yoga once a week. I can't say that I love it during the actual class, but I feel so relaxed and great after, I know I need to keep going. I also went to my first pilates class in, no exaggeration, probably 4 years. It was painful, but the hour flew and I adored it. I can't wait to go back!
I hope everyone else has been well! And just for a laugh, here's a (not so great) picture of my friend Matt and I before the Philadelphia Marathon. 

Matty Ice is THE MAN for dressing up in this and spectating the race.


  1. I feel the same way about yoga. It's tough to get myself there and its tough to get through it, but I always feel better afetrwards. The C&O 100 looks really cool! Good luck with your training!

  2. 100 miles! Wow! My husband is running his first 100 miler this year!

    Any tips you want to share with a 50 miler newbie in 2013?

    1. Jilly, yay! I adore ultras, although the training can be daunting. I would check out:

      If you have any questions, I am no expert, but am always happy to help another runner!!