Monday, October 1, 2012

Running Songs on my Playlist

There are some runners who like to run and just enjoy the sounds of where they run. While I do appreciate that, I am a lover of music in my non-running life, so why would I run sans music?!

A running playlist is something that I put a lot of time into; honestly, I could and do spend hours on it. I save a list of songs on my phone and when a big race comes up, I update my running playlist. I also update it depending on my race (I need ~4 hours for each marathon, 12 hours for my 12 hour race [duh], etc.).

While running recently, I tried to step back and think about the songs individually, which got me to think how odd so many of the songs on my playlist are. Some are also on there for sentimental reasons. Figured I'd share with you guys!

  1. "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell - I don't know how this song became "our song" for my best friend, Caitlin, and myself, but it is. I love when it pops up because it reminds me of her (she lives in Boston, so I don't get to see her enough). It's not the most upbeat song, but it's a good memory for me.
  2. "Monster Mash" by Bobby Pickett - Nearly 2 years ago, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon on Halloween. To get me excited to run on that fun holiday, I ran in costume and added some fun holiday-specific songs to my playlist. This song has stayed on my running playlist since and it reminds me of the awesome people I've met through the race. It's also a fun throwback jam!
  3. "Magic Toenail" by Brak - Sometime as a kid, I purchased a Space Ghost CD and I wore that thing out. The music was so hilarious and this was one of the songs I loved the most. It's short, super odd, and so weird, I giggle nearly every time I listen to it. It's hard to think about how much pain you are in when you are hearing a cartoon character singing about his magic toenail. 
  4. "The Time Warp" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" - I love the music from this cult classic and this song is so much fun. Yes, there are times that I catch myself not running and dancing instead, but it's really worth it because this song rules. 
  5. "Now That We Found Love" by Heavy D - So this isn't that odd of a running song as it's upbeat, but I honestly don't even like this song that much (90s music is not my favorite). I have it on my playlist since I love the end scene from "Hitch" where they dance to it. I always see Kevin James dancing like a fool in my head when I hear it, so it made it on the playlist.
  6. "My Racing Thoughts" by Jack's Mannequin - I met John at a Jack's show, so I had to put on a song that makes me think of him. Cheesy, I know. It's also just a great song. 
  7. "Cover Girl" by Ru Paul - I am a huge fan of Ru Paul and watch all of his shows on Logo. This song is upbeat and I just always run with a little more confidence when I hear this song. It does say "walk" over and over again, but I just think of it as instructions to run down the street like it's a catwalk. 
  8. "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones - This is just such a GREAT song. I have always loved Tom Jones, but this style of music reminds me of what my parents played when I was younger. It also reminds me of Carlton's dancing on"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Priceless!
Okay, now I feel like you've looked into my soul ha. Most of my playlist is indie rock and dance music, but now if you see me running, you'll also know I've got some odd stuff on there. 

What do you guys listen to when working out? Are you listening to odd songs like me?


  1. How is "Rock Lobster" not on that list?

    1. Haha, I do have a handful of B-52's songs on there, including that one! :D

  2. great playlist!



  3. nice!

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  4. i am way to lazy to make playlists even though I totally love music, so I listen to the radio a lot!

    1. That's a smart idea! I am picky about my music, so I have to have a playlist. The downside is that it does take up a lot of time to make one. Radio is a smart alternative!