Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New running partner, marathon training, and eating clean

How is it Wednesday already?! This week has flown by, but I'm not really complaining.

The past week or so has really gotten back into my normal swing of things in terms of exercise! I went to all of the Back on My Feet (BoMF) runs that I normally go to and actually have a new person to run with: John! For the nearly 5 years that we've dated, he has always said that running has been something he wouldn't want to do because "it's boring." I never pushed him on it because I love running and sometimes struggle to push myself to run, so it wouldn't make sense to push it with him.
One of the only times we've run together in the past
A few weeks ago, he said he might want to come with me to my runs with BoMF because he felt he needed a routine to actually exercise. I was so giddy and excited, but again, didn't get my hopes up too much since I knew he could easily change his mind. For the past two weeks, though, he's come to the runs and actually gotten me to come to days I normally skip. I feel like I might be jinxing it putting it up on here, but I've really loved running with him, especially since he's gotten to know my BoMF friends. I hope this can keep up because so far, I've been loving running with him!

I also have started to consider my fall marathon training plan. I am running the Marine Corps Marathon and Philadelphia Marathon, so I need to start training soon! I know I'm not as fast as I normally am around this time of year due to my 100 miler, but I think I can improve my pace soon. I am going to be using the Pfitzinger 12 week/55 miles per week plan. I'm worried about the speed work, but I am eager to race and more importantly, figure out what costumes to run them in!

From RTTF's blog
In terms of eating for this month, I'm participating in RunToTheFinish's 30 Day Eat Clean Challenge. What will that mean for me? I'll do my best to:
  • Avoid processed foods/sugary treats - Better stated CHOOSE whole foods
  • Consume healthy fats - avocados, fish, nuts, oils
  • Drink water, water, water
  • Choose organic or humanely raised animal products as much as possible
  • Slow down and savor - Food is to be enjoyed!
I am really excited for this! I think I eat too many processed foods and tons of white starches that I don't need. I also rush through my meals a lot because I'm starving for my meals a lot of the time. What I like the most about it is that this isn't a crash or fad diet; it's how I feel I should be eating all of the time. I feel following the challenge will give me more strength to say 'no' to unhealthy snacks. I'll keep you all updated with how it goes throughout the month!

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  1. Yay for running with your man! My husband joins me all of the time and I love it (though to tell you the truth I do actually ask him if I can go alone every once and while!). I've been trying to eat clean lately too. Drinking enough water is always hard for me. I try to just fill a bottle and keep it with me at all times so I remember to keep drinking.

    Good luck with marathon training and be good to your body! I'm sure it's still recovering.