Monday, June 4, 2012

Philly Beer Week and Running Galore!

I can't believe the weekend is already over! I felt like it blew by! With Philly Beer Week beginning here this past Friday, the weekend flew by even faster.

Friday, John, myself, and a group of friends went to a restaurant and bar near us called Farmer's Cabinet to try some Mikkeller beers. I'm so used to drinking cheap beer that when I do drink nice, fancy beer, it really is a treat. We of course came back to our apartment and drank High Life, but for the small time that we drank good beer, it was great.

The two of us all gross after our morning run
Saturday morning, I was able to convince John to come run with me! That has only happened a few times in the 5 years that we have dated, but I really enjoyed the 3.1 mile run we had together. We stopped a few times to check out some sites we never do, like the Korean War Memorial in Old City, which was really cool.

After our run, we headed to meet friends at Prohibition Taproom for yet another Philly Beer Week event. This one involved Flying Dog beer (yay for a Maryland beer!) and dogs up for adoption by PAWS. About halfway through our time there, the Hammer of Glory appeared. The HOG is used by Philly's Mayor Nutter to smash open the first keg to start Philly Beer Week and it somehow was at the bar when we were! John and I enjoyed being able to hold it. I felt powerful!

Sunday, I woke up, had breakfast while I watched CBS Sunday Morning (I am 80 years old) and then headed out for my last super long run before I start tapering for my 100 miler. I ran nice and slow and unlike last Monday's heat wave run, the weather cooperated and I felt great! I got in 26.2 miles and while I was beyond happy to be done at the end, I know I could have kept going had I been racing. I ended my run at Jar Bar, a newly-opened raw and vegan place near my apartment. I wanted a cool drink after my run and knew something healthy would also hit the spot. I had their Coconut Dream smoothie with some protein powder thrown in for good measure. It tasted like a vanilla-coconut milkshake!

Overall, I had a great weekend, filled with a lot of beer and a lot of running. Luckily, the two go quite well together. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


  1. Nice run! It was perfect weather for it this weekend. And what is it about smoothies after hard workouts? Have you tried Hip City Veg on 18th and Sansom yet? Awesome Groothie (green smoothie)!

    1. I know! The whole time I was running, I kept thinking about which place I wanted to go to get a smoothie. I normally get a fruit juice one at Reading Terminal, but I knew it was already closed. I've only been to Jar Bar a few times, but it's so good!

      I've heard a lot about Hip City Veg, but haven't tried it yet. I definitely will! Thanks for the tip!

  2. To paraphrase a certain famous ultra-runner: Running and beer go together like peas and carrots.