Monday, April 9, 2012

Odd Week of Exercise

This past week of exercise was just kind of weird. I actually totally skipped out on all of the bootcamp workouts from last week. I kept messing up my alarm on the days I was supposed to get up early and do the workouts. I did get in most of my runs, but no bootcamp workouts.

One new thing I did was Zumba. I was given some Zumba DVDs from my mom and I wanted to do something different. I am so glad the BF wasn't home yet because I could tell what a fool I looked like doing the dance moves. I took Jazzercise classes with my mom growing up, so I enjoyed dancing, but I felt like I lack the rhythm to do the moves right.

Lastly, I helped pace a new runner friend in the Philly 100 miler. I paced my now good virtual running friend, Jon, last year to his first 100 finish. One thing about social media is that I am able to connect with runners I wouldn't have met otherwise. Through Twitter, I met Kino and Ryan, who were coming to Philly for this year's race. I offered up my pacing/crewing abilities and was happy to help Ryan during his race.

I showed up to the course around 4 pm, 10 hours into the race. Ryan ended up not having a goal to necessarily do the whole 100 and when I met up with him, he was 42 miles in. We ended up walking/running the last two laps he did together. It was great talking with him through the hours we spent covering the course. He had such a great attitude the whole time and even though he didn't do the full 100 miles, he just planned on doing whatever mileage made him happy and content. He finished the race in such a great mood and I really respected him reaching deep inside himself to find happiness in a sport that sometimes can be so painful. I hope to take that lesson with me in my future races.

I didn't do nearly enough exercise this past week (skipped bootcamp workouts and a run). A few years ago, I would have probably flipped at that. I've learned to loosen the reigns a bit and know that off weeks are okay, healthy, and won't be the worst thing in the world for me. Just leaves me more determined to kick some butt this week!

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