Monday, March 26, 2012

Bootcamp Recap and Race Training

Week 3 of Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp was so great! It included a new set of workouts and I am in love with supersets. I'm totally turning into aworkout nerd. While I haven't felt my jeans getting any looser, I haven't been eating the best. I have noticed, though, that my arms are becoming slightly more defined and I'm able to do exercises I couldn't before. I also have been moving up in the weights I use, which makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing. Can't wait for week 4 this week (same as week 3, just one more set of exercises).
This is how I feel lifting, sometimes. It'll get easier, though!
For my other exercise, I've been trying to keep up my miles for my 12 hour race and 100 mile race coming up. Last week, I got in 52 miles and this week, I squeaked by with 49.75 miles. I know that most of my miles are coming from my long runs (22 last week, 26.2 miles this past weekend), but I need to get my miles up some more. While I've never been someone to train with super high mileage, I know that I need to try to get some solid week with 60 miles, though.

One thing that has been plaguing me is the fact that compared to last year, my mileage and workouts have been lacking. It has been a difficult time for me because I know I shouldn't compare and each year is different, but I just feel constantly behind in my training without the ability to catch up. I'm insanely competitive and I worry that if I don't do well in my upcoming races, I'm going to be be really upset. This week's goal, though, is to try to distance myself from that mindset and focus on doing the best I can do now.

Here's to hoping the next ~6 and ~13 weeks of training go well, without the self-made pressure that I've created.

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