Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Appreciating Lack of Adversity

I hate to get all hippy-dippy and sappy on here, but I've had a great lesson in appreciation for how lucky I am the last few weeks running with Back on My Feet. From running with the group for nearly a year, I've learned to appreciate how lucky I am with my living and working situation, for sure. I learned an even greater lesson with one of our new members, though.

We have a new member who has to face the adversity of being nearly completely blind. Being blind in our society is a really difficult thing since most things are built for those with sight. This hasn't let this person be stopped from doing things they love. Not only is she working hard to get out of the shelter, but she works to lead as normal of a life as possible. This includes running. Running through the city is a difficult thing as it is. I know from personal experience. When she comes to our runs, we have someone paired up with her to run along with her to help her be aware of things like uneven sidewalks, curbs, ramps, etc.

Today, I ran with her and it was a really amazing experience. She has the guts to come do something that most people would tell her not to. She is willing to allow a nearly perfect stranger guide her along through the streets of Philadelphia at 5:30 am. The best part? The whole time, she's chipper, energetic, and thankful.

From meeting this great human being, I've learned to appreciate my serious lack of adversity that I deal with every day. Just running home from running with her, I appreciate that I can look up and see the cityscape without having to constantly worry about my footing. I can get up and lead a fairly normal life with little to no assistance from others on a day-to-day basis. I am even more motivated to come run with the group because if she can come and do it with such a great attitude, I surely can.

Okay, sappy rant over. Shameless plug about to begin. If you want to help the awesome organization that is Back on My Feet and are in the Philly area, please come do the AT&T Back on My Feet Halfway to Broad St 5 miler this March 31st! It supports an awesome group AND I am on the planning committee for it. Win-win!

Hope everyone had a great Fat Tuesday and for those also experiencing the unseasonably warm winter, hope you are taking advantage of it!

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