Sunday, November 6, 2011

Great things of the past two weeks

I meant to post last week, but that didn't happen. I plan out posts and even start to write them in my head, then I come home from work and either am too tired to do a post or forget all together. The past two weeks have had a lot of fun in them, so I'll show that through photos.

Five 20 milers done! Ignore my swollen post-run fingers.
I'm officially in taper-mode for my two fall marathons (Philadelphia and NCR Trail Marathon). As much as I love running, I am really happy to be tapering. In preparation for two marathons within a week, I did five 20 milers in 5 weeks. That picture is me right after my last 20 miler, so happy to be heading into the taper. Now I have just 2 weeks until Philly and 3 until NCR.

MCM Fourmites!
Last weekend was the yearly running of the Marine Corps Marathon. I ran it last year and through Runner's World's MCM Fourms, I've met some amazing people. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see these folks again this year, even if I wasn't racing. 

What a fancy group! I <3 OBP. 
This past week, the Back on My Feet Bash was held! Everyone gets all fancy and rocks running shoes. The picture above is my team, who I run with each week. It was such a blast to see everyone in non-running gear, eat yummy food, and dance the night away. Can't wait until next year's bash!

Aaaand last, but not least: witch fingers.
Is it 1998 again?
Can't wait for the next two weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon. Hope they are as great as the last two weeks have been!

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