Thursday, September 8, 2011

Student for Life

I am quite the nerd and most people who know me would agree. I adore watching Jeopardy and love playing Quizzo because my brain is chock-full of random trivia. I constantly love to learn new things and in order to keep my learning going, I decided to sign up for two classes this week. I atended  one of the classes last night and I am even more excited for tonight's class!

While I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to, I still enjoy it and wanted to learn more about it. I got lucky when I accidentally Stumbled Upon Skillshare's website. It is a really cool concept where local  people create classes for other local folks to learn from. They have fun classes from couponing, social media for businesses, beer 101, etc. When I saw the "Blogging Basics for Girls," hosted by Anna at Shmitten Kitten, I knew I had to sign up. It didn't hurt that my friend Liz wanted to do it, either! I may not want to become a professional blogger, but I sure learned a ton that will help make this fun hobby even better.

I'm hoping to post more frequently, too. I don't try to foce myself to write when I don't feel like it, but I enjoy writing and will continue to push myself to be a better writer. I miss writing and I think this blog is a great way to express myself. If anyone has anything they'd particularly like to see on this site, let me know! I'm all ears!

So if that was my first class of the week, what is my second? As many people know, I love food and making it. I've always wanted to go to culinary school and while I'm not quitting my job to become a student again, I am going to be taking classes at the Restaurant School. I've registered for the beginner pastry arts classes and although I believe my skills are above the "beginner" level, I know there are techniques I can pick up from the class. I am beyond excited to start the 6-week course tonight and cannot wait to hone my baking skills! I feel one of my true passions is in food and I am so happy to be working on being better at it. I'll make sure to post a re-cap of the first class!

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