Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baking and Racing

This week has been crazy and work was a bit crazy, especially Friday. Things that cheered me up this week, though? Drinks with friends on Wednesday, my pastry class, and a concert last night. Speaking of my pastry classes, they've been going really well! This week, we made a sweet pastry dough and a vanilla pastry cream to make a fruit tart. I have made a tart before, but really enjoyed the techniques I learned. I have to admit, I think my tart turned out realllly pretty.

Yup, I made that! I had a lot of fun putting the fruit on and being creative with the colors. I wish I could have decorated a few more because I have so many ideas for pretty patterns of fruit.

To change gears, I'm running the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon in less than 16 hours! With my race tomorrow, I took this week nice and easy with running. It's been the lowest mileage week for me in a while and it's been equally nice and weird. I've gotten used to a higher-mileage week (and all I can eat during it), so cutting back has been relaxing, but a bit nerve-wracking. I'm hoping I PR (personal record) and go sub-1:50.

Race report will be coming after I hopppppefully PR! Here's to hoping!

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