Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Goals--How'd I do?

Now that today is the last day in July, I need to see how I did on my July goals. I kicked butt in some and failed majorly in others.

  1. Track my eating: I've been doing decently with this goal. I have been, on average, tracking nearly all of my eating during the week and not so much during the weekends. Weekends are so crazy and a lot of times, I'm eating out, which is hard to track. I can see how tracking how you eat can get a bit obsessive, but I think I've done a good job of using it to help me make better choices and not go nuts. 
  2. Create a restaurant recipe at home: A month or so ago, John and I ordered in from this Japanese restaurant and I got a BBQ Tofu sandwich. It was fried tofu and on a super oiled bun. Needless to say, it was amazing, but not so good for me. I attempted to re-make this with baked tofu and it wasn't nearly as yummy. I will have to try this again with some tweaks to make this a bit yummier. 
  3. Organize my apartment: Huge fail! I did buy a bookshelf, but only 3 or 4 of my books have made it there. I did buy under-bed storage where my winter sweaters have gone, but I haven't really filled up the drawers they took up. Whoops. This will have to be another goal for the future. 
  4. Run more miles in my 24 hour race than last year: Yet another major fail. I've come to terms with the not so successful race, but it is disappointing this goal was not met. 
  5. Use my slow cooker more: I did roast a chicken in it a bit ago and yesterday, I made some chili! It may be super hot out, but John and I were wanting some chili, so I made it. It wasn't as good as a stovetop chili I make, but it was hearty, yummy, pretty healthy, and insanely easy to use. 
Chili over brown rice and topped with cheese. Look at the steam!
Overall, I've achieved some of my goals, but not others. For the first time I've ever set monthly goals for myself, I'm not too upset at the outcomes. I also liked having goals I felt I needed to meet, so I am setting August goals! :D
  1. Actually organize my apartment: With my cousin coming in town next weekend, I've got a great reason to do it!
  2. Use new ingredients to make new recipes: I've never cooked with collard greens, but we got them in our CSA share this weekend, so I am excited to use a new ingredient. I'd love to try a couple of recipes with new ingredients.
  3. Cross train two times a week: As I am training for the RnR Philadelphia Half Marathon and Philadelphia Marathon, I really need to step up my cross training so I'm a stronger runner all around. This can include yoga, strength training, biking, whatever!
Very excited for my August goals (though I am still in shock it's almost August....where did this year go?!). New goals mean new fun ways to challenge myself! 

I'll leave you all with the inside of an heirloom tomato John and I got at Greensgrow. So pretty!

My camera doesn't do it justice. It's so cool looking as it is green with stripes!

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